Enjoy An Alaska Adventure!

There is no better way to experience Alaska than on an Un-Cruise small-ship adventure.


In today’s health-conscious, plugged-in, fast-paced world, travelers are looking for experiences to nourish the body, mind and spirit. 

In the world’s greatest spa (courtesy of Mother Nature), awake each day to a different, inspiring backdrop: snow-capped mountains, evergreen forests, ice-blue glaciers, and rugged and rocky shores. And enjoy the fresh air.

Get physical day in, day out with guided activities. Morning stretches on the sun deck. Yoga on a standup paddle board. Hours-long kayaking paddles along a waterfall-lined fjord or remote, wildlife-rich cove. Hikes on glacial terrain. Gentle walks through intertidal shore zones.

Serenity and renewal, found in the unexpected: quiet meditation on deck, thoughtful reflection and instructive practices, complimentary massage from onboard massage therapists. Then relax under the stars in the hot tub or connect and laugh with shipmates.

Healthful lifestyle opportunities on board include sustainable dining options, healthy recipes and cooking demonstrations. Enjoy presentations and one-on-one interaction with expedition guides and guest experts as well as daily wellness programs and tips.

Explore waters inaccessible to larger ships, mingle with locals (both the civilized and wild-and-woolly kind), and create lifelong memories — all centered on wellness-focused activities and excursions that complement the wilderness, wildlife, culture and heritage of the places we visit.


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