Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the program?


A: Life Time is proud to announce Life Time Journeys. This exclusive travel program now

gives you an opportunity to experience a trip of a lifetime. Best of all Life Time Journeys

allows you instill our Healthy Way of Life outside of the club to destinations all over the


Q: What makes this different than other travel options I can do on my own?


A: Each trip is carefully designed to offer a unique experience. How about yoga at an

ancient Maya pyramid? Trekking Kilimanjaro with top guides or cycling the countryside

of Italy? We offer experiences and insider access rarely found through other travel



Let us handle the tedious and sometimes daunting logistics so you can focus on

designing the experience you desire and to foster deeper relationships with your

members. The last thing you want to worry about is flight cancelations, missed transfers

and hotel rooms that don’t match the pictures on the Internet. For extra piece of mind,

we provide [medical, liability] insurance so you don't have to.


Q: How does it work?


A: Life Time Journeys has created a menu of trip itineraries ranging from cycling in

Tuscany or yoga in Colorado to a spa retreat in Iceland or trekking Mount Kilimanjaro -

and anything in between. Team Members have the opportunity to gather a group of

travelers to join them on their chosen trip. If the Team Member recruits the minimum

required for that itinerary (typically 10-12), the Team Member will receive

complimentary travel benefits (airfare, lodging, transfers, tours, meals and more).


Q: Who can participate in the program?


A: Anyone who is a team member of Life Time Fitness can lead a trip whether you are a

massage therapist, spin instructor, front desk agent or work in the corporate office! 

Some of the itineraries we've developed have a specific focus (such as yoga in Thailand

and India) but most of them can be tailored to meet a variety of fitness interests.  The

properties we are working with have tons of activity offerings so you don't have to have

any background as an instructor - just gather a group to travel with you and enjoy!


Q: How many people do I need to recruit for my trip in order to receive complimentary

travel benefits?


A: The exact number varies depending on the trip.  Most of the journeys require a group

of 12 paying travelers.  Some require a minimum of 10 hotel rooms to be booked (but it

doesn't matter if there are one or two people in the room).  The details and

requirements are included on each trip's page.

Q: Do I have to buy my own flights?


A: No.  Each itinerary includes an allowance that will cover your airfare (assuming you

recruit the minimum number for that trip).


Q: How do I find the menu of trips available?


A: Visit our team member journeys page and click through your areas of interest.


Q: I’ve found a trip I’m interested in leading. What do I do next?

A: Click the "Inquire Now" button on the trip page.  This will put you in touch with a

travel designer at Life Time Journeys.  They will answer any questions you have and

provide you with a marketing tool kit (ways to help you spread the word and recruit


Q: I don’t see travel dates on the itineraries. How do I know when I’d be going?


A: You get to choose the actual dates of the trip during the available months shown on

the website. Assuming availability is in your favor, you’ll be able to discuss ideal travel

dates with your travelers as you recruit (or set the date completely based on your

schedule and recruit around that). Once you have identified your trip and recruited the

minimum number of travelers required, a Life Time Journeys travel designer will check

availability to confirm those dates are open and can start securing them for you.


Q. How much is required to secure a trip?


A:  Full payment is required at time of purchase. Cancelation terms will apply and will be

shared prior to purchase by your Life Time Journeys designer.


Q: Can I bring more than the minimum number of travelers?


A: As long as there is availability, you certainly can!  We encourage you to stay in touch

with your Life Time Journeys travel designer throughout the recruiting process if you’re

getting great response. The designer can check availability ahead of time to ensure

you’re not making promises that can’t be kept. On some Journeys there may be a

maximum number of guests. Ask your travel designer.


Q: What if I don’t recruit the minimum number of travelers required for my chosen


A: The cost of the trip is determined by the minimum number of travelers. If you don’t

reach the minimum requirement it may be possible to still go. Simply ask your Life Time

Journeys travel designer to re-price the itinerary based on the number of travelers that

are committed.


Another option is to work with a second team member. For example, if you each find

six paying guests (a total of 12) you’ll be able to share accommodations and save on

your own travel expenses. Terms and conditions will vary by trip so consult with your

Life Time Journeys travel designer to understand the full details.


Q: Can someone go on this trip that is not a Life Time Fitness member?


A: Yes. However, as these journeys are a benefit of membership, non-members rates

will be slightly higher (will vary by trip).


Q: Can I bring a guest?


A: Absolutely!  Assuming you recruit the minimum number of paying travelers, your

guest will also receive some of the complimentary benefits, but will be required to share

your room.  They will need to cover their own airfare and any incidentals that aren't

included (this might be alcoholic beverages or spa treatments for example).  You can

request a king bed or two separate beds. Terms and conditions will vary by trip. Please

consult with your Life Time Journeys travel designer to understand the full details.


Q: Can I lead a trip with one of my co-workers?

A: Yes. If you each would like separate accommodations you would need to each recruit

the minimum number of travelers. For example if the group minimum is 12 guests, you

would need a total of 24 to both receive the same benefit.


If you are comfortable sharing a room, two team members can work together to meet

the group minimum. For example, if each team member finds six guests for a total of 12

they will receive free lodging.

Availability, terms and conditions will vary by trip so consult with your Life Time

Journeys travel designer to understand the full details.

Q: Are passports required for the trips?


A: Yes and no.  We have some amazing international journeys (which would require a

current passport), but we've also curated some domestic experiences in truly incredible

locations such as Hawaii, Montana, Arizona, Alaska and more.


Q: What do I have to do during the trip?

A: This trip is what you make of it!  You might want to pack each day full of your area of

expertise through detailed programming (hiking, biking and fitness sessions throughout

the day if you’re a personal trainer). Or, maybe you want to simply make a morning and

evening yoga or meditation session available if you’re a yogi. It’s truly up to you.


Our Life Time Journeys travel designers will share the unique experiences specific to

that destination that are available and help customize the itinerary around how you

want to build out the experience. Remember, each of these Journeys is hand picked to

reflect destinations that support a unique experience and surroundings. Be sure to

work in time for your guests to enjoy the locale and have optional downtime (depending

on the nature of the Journey).


Q: My coworker is leading a trip and I want go. I’m not going to be part of leading it, but

I’d like to sign up to attend.  Do I receive any discounts or benefits as a Life Time Team



A: The cost of the trip is determined by the minimum number of paid travelers. Once

the group minimum has been reached, Life Time Team Members may join the journey at

a discounted rate…that discounted rate will vary by itinerary. Availability, terms and

conditions will vary by trip, so consult with your Life Time Journeys travel designer to

understand the full details.


Q: Do I get paid for leading a trip?


A: The real benefit of this program is to give you an opportunity to experience a trip of a

life time while at the same time deepen the bonds with your members so you can build

your repeat and referral business. There is no compensation available for leading these



Q: Does everyone traveling in the group get their own room?


A: Each trip has rooms that have an option for single or double occupancy.  Look closely

at the estimated pricing on each trip page to see if the cost is based on single or double

as it varies. Most of the trips are based on double occupancy and have a single

supplement if someone would like their own room.  We are happy to match solo

travelers who wish to have a roommate to cut down on their individual cost. 


Q: What if I had a different destination in mind than those already provided on the

menu? Can I have Life Time Journeys customize an itinerary for me and my group?

A: Absolutely, however this will require upfront discussions between you and a Life Time

Journeys travel designer. As you can imagine, the program is intended to create unique

experiences and trips of a Life Time. We want to make sure that we are living true to

the mission we’ve set out to achieve.


However, for example, if you’ve always wanted to lead a ski experience in Colorado and

incorporate a boot camp program into the itinerary, we can help customize something