Glacier Bay —Fitness & Yoga
7-night fitness & yoga adventure cruise

TRIP HIGHLIGHTS - Sept. 2, 2018

  • Special wellness, mindfulness, and fitness presentations

  • Small group nutrition workshops

  • Beach and on-deck yoga; walking meditation

  • Guided strength training and fitness sessions

  • TWO days in Glacier Bay National Park

  • Wilderness exploration in the Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay outback

  • Margerie and Grand Pacific Glacier visits with a park ranger aboard

  • Dawes Glacier and Fords Terror by skiff

  • Orca and humpback whales in Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait

  • Wildlife searches: black and brown bears, eagles, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, sea birds

  • Kayak, paddle board and skiff remote inlets

  • Beach combing and tide pool discoveries

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Anna Winton

Anna was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and competed as an all-around gymnast from the ages of

7 to 15, at which time she “retired” from the sport and focused on track and field and dance.  These sports just scratched the surface of her desire for technique and strength-driven sports which led her to her career in fitness. Anna started teaching group fitness classes and Pilates in 2006. She loves the details of movement and helping people do quality movements the right way. She also loves to motivate and give people a tough workout. In early 2014, Anna started taking Alpha classes and competing in local and regional Alpha competitions. In 2015, she began competing in team Crossfit events as well. When she’s standing and barking orders in Boot Camps and other classes, don’t worry – she knows what you’re going through!

Tracy Jennings-Hill

Tracy attended her first yoga teacher training in 2001. Since then she has completed her 500 E.R.Y.T certification specializing in yoga philosophy, Pre/Post Natal, Kids and a pure Vinyasa.


After completing her 500 ERYT, she has become a Senior Master Trainer where she leads over 20 yoga teacher trainings annually.  During her yoga journey, she also maintained her position as a group fitness instructor for over 18 years, where she now focuses on indoor cycling, dance, and muscle strength/endurance training.  Not only is she a group fitness instructor but she also holds her Personal Trainer Certification with NASM and ACE.



Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation
Hello, Juneau! It’s off to the hospitality area you go. Up the gangplank, your crew and wellness hosts meet you with a hearty welcome. The adventure begins, sailing west toward Icy Strait.


Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay has a wow-worthy list of titles—National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve. At 3.3 million acres, add Endless Adventure Playground to the list. Head for the Glacier Bay outback. These are places most visitors never see. Dundas and Taylor Bays are in the southernmost reaches of the park. It’s less windswept tucked into a bay, but no less wild. Core strength and kayaking go hand-in-hand. Your guides lead the charge on an energizing core-power kayak excursion. Feel the burn and get your heart pumping on a cardio-intensive bushwhack into the forest. Prefer a mellower pace? Comb for critters if the tide is right. In far reaches, share the beach with sharp-eyed eagles and bears. Show local ravens how to do a crow pose with a yoga practice on the shore. Skiff deep into remote coves and make for the hills. Paddle through kelp in Taylor Bay. Backstroking sea otters hardly bat an eye at your boat. Your bartender has an Old Fashioned ready. Perfect timing too. It’s happy hour, and time to swap stories of this big day with your shipmates.


Glacier Bay National Park
There’s nowhere more soul-stirring to find mind, body, spirit balance—set your intention and honor the light within during morning or evening yoga sessions. An early morning pick-up brings a National Park ranger aboard to share expert insight. Plus, off-the-map places in the bay that most visitors pass by. After one last flow sequence, go meet the ranger! Have your binoculars handy—South Marble Island is a birder’s slice of heaven. Puffins scoot through the water. Guillemots and gulls chatter up the airwaves. The snoozing sea lions don’t seem to mind. Cruise to the far end of Tarr Inlet where Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers calve into the water. Backed by knife-edged peaks, pull into narrow Tidal Inlet. Bears like to forage along this shoreline. Mountain goats too. Back at Bartlett Cove, if time and daylight allow, take a forest hike around the park’s HQ, and say farewell to your ranger.


Chatham Strait
Chatham Strait stretches for 150 miles in the Tongass National Forest. Options aplenty, your captain navigates to the best. Anchor in a remote Chichagof Island inlet. Backpacks loaded and adventure toys lowered (skiffs, paddle boards, kayaks), it’s time to go play. Get energy pumping on a high-stepping hike with your wellness hosts through moss-covered trees. Stick to the water and don’t forget to look above and below the surface. A nosy seal could be watching your every stroke. Find the rhythm of walking meditation and beachcomb rocky shores. Tiny creatures cling to rocks. Go deep on training, diet, and mindfulness—your wellness hosts provide presentations and lead discussions on stepping up the healthfulness of your routine. Tonight, take a nightcap to the sun deck and watch the sky.

Kuiu Island
Salmon streams dot the coastline—where there’s salmon, there are bears. Kuiu Island is home to one of the world’s densest populations of black bears. Scope the intertidal zones of Saginaw Bay for them from a kayak or skiff. Eagles fish here too, their white noggins give away their perches. Core strength, plyometrics, and agility will be the focus as you explore the Keku Islands. Kayak or paddle board and find your flow-state. Take the pace down a notch checking out tide pools and abundant life in the intertidal zones. Or, find a serene spot to sit for peaceful self-reflection and guided meditation. Out here, it’s remote and remarkable.

Frederick Sound
Early bird or night owl, make a plan and rise early for sun salutations or wind your day down with starlit chaturanga. Humpbacks beeline it here each season to feast in the krill-rich waters. After your breakfast, look for whales eating theirs. Chances are high they will be—time to hang and enjoy the show. Based on wind and weather, your expedition team has the lineup of adventures all mapped out. Cruise past Five Fingers Lighthouse, Alaska’s oldest light station and The Brothers Islands, where sea lions nap on rocky nobs. Paddle into the deeps of Port Houghton or Windham Bay or head ashore for a hike. When a bear takes notice, they generally scram. But carrot-billed black oystercatchers give you a talking-to. Tonight, toast another big day in Alaska.

Endicott Arm / Dawes Glacier
Snow covered mountains. Glacier-carved valleys. White thunder of calving ice. It’s an impressive Wilderness Area. And the perfect setting for a power yoga and deep core session on the bow. Give your body a well-deserved rest on a skiff ride up Endicott Arm, harbor seals pups laze around on icebergs. If the tides are right, slip into Fords Terror. The fjord’s steep walls are streaked with waterfalls. Choked with ice, at the end of the arm, meet Dawes Glacier. Blue ice marches down from the Coast Mountains. With a sharp crack, a calving slice makes a mega-splash. Your hosts lead one last discussion with tips and training to utilize back home. Tonight, celebrate with a festive Farewell Dinner and “photo journal” from you expedition team.

Juneau - Disembarkation
Mmmm, fresh baked pastries over one last breakfast. After this big week of whole body wellness, you’ve earned it. Wish heartfelt goodbyes this morning, then transfer to the Juneau airport or begin your UnCruise hotel stay or land tour.



Pricing starts at $4,695 per person for double occupancy.

FARES INCLUDE: Onboard meals; spirits, wine, beer; non-alcoholic beverages; transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark day; entry fees to national parks/preserves; all from-the-vessel activities and equipment.  Port taxes/fees are in addition to your cruise fare.