Yogi Bios

A unique breed of teacher, Jesse takes the ancient teachings of yoga and breathes new life to make them relevant again.  


Each class is innovative, transformative and authentic with an extraordinary and rare opportunity to unearth powerful life lessons.  


Jessie doesn't hold back — she is eloquent and edgy, introducing new and exciting ways of flowing on the mat. She takes her students on one hell of a physical, emotional and spiritual ride, leading them to new dimensions of growth and freedom in their personal lives.

Since age 16, John has lost 125 lb. and gotten not only physically, but mentally and emotionally healthy too.


Eight years ago, John began practicing Ashtanga yoga and has had the honor of practicing under Sharath Jois, Kino MacGregor, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig and Jonny Kest. After meeting Jonny and becoming part of the LifePower Yoga community, the course of his teaching changed forever.  


Today he graciously transmits the knowledge he gained from his amazing teachers and life experience. He wants his students to know they have the power to transform their own lives and be whoever they want to be!